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100% Natural Face & Body Oil (For Him)

100% Natural Face & Body Oil (For Him)

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Our 100% natural vegan body oil will leave your skin soft, smooth, supple, glowing and hydrated. Enriched with vitamin E, jojoba oil, lemongrass essential oil & sandalwood essential oil.

This O'SHEA signature men's face & body oil will keep your skin hydrated and nourished through the day without making you greasy.  It is okay to use on your face and body. When using on your face only a small dime size amount is needed.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, lemongrass essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, cococaprylate.

Weight: 250ml | 8.5oz

Fragrance: 100% natural Lemongrass sandalwood

A little goes a long way, Will last for about 8 weeks depending on usage.

Made with Melanin in mind.

Lemongrass essential oil benefits

It Aids in acne prevention, rich in antibacterial properties, reduces skin ageing, shrinks skin pores, cleanses the skin, reduces wrinkles, remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear.

Sandalwood essential oil

Treats Acne and Pimples, removes dark spots and scars, fights ageing signs, reduces tanning and pigmentation, treat eczema and dermatitis, lowers stress and Improves Sleep, helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells, even out skin tone and may Improve complexion

Vitamin E benefits

Moisturising skin, Wound healing, Skin cancer prevention, Reducing skin itching, Eczema, Psoriasis, Preventing or minimising the appearance of scars, Preventing or treating fine lines and wrinkles.

Jojoba oil benefits

It moisturises dry skin, It softens rough cuticles, It nourishes and heals dry lips, It can relieve sunburns, It has antibacterial properties, It boosts skin's glow, It fades fine lines and wrinkles, It can soothe eczema-prone skin.

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